Market research

Save a lot of time and money and let us do the market research for your new company or product. We’ll measure the company’s or product’s potential and figure out the way to enter the US market without a big initial investment with a goal to become profitable as soon as possible.

The basic information we’ll provide you is a competitor’s pricing, salaries range in your industry, rental prices, etc. We’ll also find information based on the industry or field a company wants to operate in – this includes special permits and certifications from federal, state, or city regulators and similar details that a company will have to take care of before launching its operations.

Additionally, we’ll run a location-targeted, paid anonymous advertising campaign to show you a real demand for your product or service.

The market research process takes 14-30 days and the price will depend on your specific requests and needs.

Marketing strategy

Together we will develop a marketing strategy and figure out how to sell your product to to the potential customers as efficiently as possible.


Are you looking for a reliable employee or representative for your company in the US that will help to move it forward? Let us help!


Does your US company need investment but you don’t know where to find it? We can help you find an investor or another type of backing your company needs to execute your projects.